We take care of ALL of your gas boiler needs

Choose from any of the following services:

  • Annual Boiler Service – comfort and peace of mind
    Just like an NCT for your car, an annual boiler service is more likely to keep your boiler problem-free. And it costs very little – for €79 inclusive of VAT, this reassurance and peace of mind costs as little as 0.22 cents per day.

    During the service, we will check your gas boiler, its controls and components; clean the key parts; survey for water or gas leakages; and adjust controls and settings for maximum efficiency. The payback is far greater than the cost, as this once-a-year service will:
    • Prolong the life of your boiler
    • Save you money by keeping it running more efficiently
    • Protect against more costly boiler breakdowns and repairs
    • Be more environmentally friendly
    • Reduce your overall carbon emmissions
    • Bring you peace of mind, knowing that it is safer for you and your family

  • Boiler Repairs – available 365 days a year
    Like any appliance, gas boilers can develop problems, such as leaks and pump or electrical faults. If your boiler breaks down, you need to get it fixed – now, today, immediately - because cold and damp weather doesn’t take a break in winter. Modern Gas understand this, which is why we provide a prompt repair service for any type of boiler failure. So, if your gas boiler gives you trouble when you are least expecting it, call us for a quick fix - and don’t get left in the cold.

  • Boiler Installations – we replace or install new
    Whether you need to replace an old boiler or you are installing one for the first time, we can help.

    With 90% of new homes in Ireland connected to natural gas*, gas boilers are a natural choice for underfloor heating, radiators and hot water. Modern Gas can install all types of boilers - including conventional, combination and condenser boilers - whether they are wall mounted, floor standing or back boilers. We can source from all of the major manufacturers, including Baxi, Potterton, Ferroli, Ideal and Worcester Bosch. Removing your old boiler and installing a newer model is no problem; and we can supply to private houses, apartments, offices or commercial premises. If you want to receive a FREE, no-obligation quote for a new gas boiler, contact the expert gas boiler professionals for advice today.

    * when homes are located in a natural gas supply area.

  • Heating System - complete installation service
    Modern Gas provides a complete service for the installation of heating systems. This includes the supply and installation of boilers and hot water cylinders to the supply and fitting of all required radiators and pipework.

    We will ensure the placement of all radiators and the installation itself delivers maximum efficiency, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Fernox Power Flushing - restoring inefficient heating systems to peak performance
    Hard water or poorly sealed heating systems can become extremely inefficient over 2 to 3 years of use. The scale and sludge can clog radiators and hamper boiler performance, reducing heat output while significantly increasing heating bills. Left untreated and scale and sludge will harden, causing irreparable damage to your radiators and boiler.

    One simple treatment with our Fernox power flushing system will dissolve all scale and dislodge all slime, clearing all contaminants and obstructions and leaving your system internally spotless.

    Once the cleaning process is complete we will then refill, applying inhibitor as we fill, and ensure a perfect seal, for many years of flawless, efficient heating.

No matter what your needs are, contact us today for professional gas services.

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